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Colors that suit brown skin

 skin tone

Skin color is determined by the amount of melanin contained in skin cells, and melanin is more in brown skin, and when there is little melanin in skin cells, the skin tone is light to medium, and fashion experts and manufacturers of cosmetics give the degree of skin tone a lot of importance; Because of the extent of its impact on the appearance, as the types of color degrees are divided into two parts, namely the cold degree, which expresses the light to medium skin, and the warm degree and express the brown skin. Each season of the year, as the colors tend to be in the fall and spring to warm degrees, and in the summer and winter tend to be of cold degrees, and this article is about what suits warm skin; That is, the brown color of clothes, hair, and makeup.

Colors that suit brown skin

Colors suitable for brown skin

Everyone has a favorite color, but this color does not have to be one of the colors that suit him, as the appropriate colors for the person add to the appearance more compliments, and for the color to appear appropriate, it must be chosen based on the color of the skin, and here is an explanation for this:


Clothes colors that suit brown skin

The appropriate color for the skin color highlights the beauty of the skin, as the wrong color makes the skin look pale, and the appropriate colors for brown skin are: 

  • Red color.
  • The color orange.
  • Yellowish green color.
  • Brown shades.
  • Hazel color.
  • the Golden color.
  • Amber color.
  • The color is dark gray to brown.

Colors appropriate for the seasons

Always wearing clothes according to skin color may seem boring and routine, so it is possible to add and coordinate some pieces to the outfit to suit the seasons of the year, namely: 

  • Summer: Violet, cool blue, pastel colors, and soft neutrals with pink.
  • Winter: shades of blue or pink, or sharp colors, such as white, black, and dark blue.
  • Spring: yellow, orange, apricot, and coral.
  • Autumn: warm, deep colors such as coffee, caramel, beige, tomato red, and green.

Hair dye colors suitable for brown skin

Choosing the right hair color can show the skin refreshed and radiant, and the right hair colors for brown skin are: 

  • Yellow, or golden, and deep brown, chestnut, and copper-red shades.
  • And deep and rich colors such as red to violet, and blonde hair color based on the degree of honey.
  • Caramel, toffee, maple, and mahogany shades.

Makeup colors suitable for people with brown skin

Several things must be taken into account when applying makeup on brown skin, including:

the face

The skin should be taken care of and taken care of. To look healthy and radiant, in addition to following several ways to obtain flawless makeup, especially suitable for brown skin, the steps are: 

  • Moisturizing: Brown skin suffers from dehydration and can tend to gray in case it is not moisturized properly, so a moisturizer should be applied to the face and body well.
  • Use the appropriate sunscreen for skin type; So that the skin is not damaged by ultraviolet rays, as some believe that brown skin is not affected by the sun, and this is a wrong belief.
  • Foundation cream: Find a foundation that is suitable for the skin tone, and unifies its color.
  • Concealer ( Concealer ): The concealer should be applied in a triangular shape; The apex of the triangle is on the cheekbone, and its sides are towards the ends of the eyebrows; This is to hide the flaws under the eyes, and to attract light to that area.
  • The use of a cream-colored luminizer, and it is applied under the eyebrow bone a little above the eyelid, and a small point in the middle of the apple of the cheek, and pressing the illuminator on the forehead, some areas of the face that need lighting, and the chin.
  • Bronze: Bronze is applied in a C-shape starting from the temple to the sides of the face on each side and on the forehead, nose, and chin.
  • Brown skin is dark in the forehead area and lighter in the center of the face, so the foundation cream can be applied by following one of the methods, which are:
  • The first method: It is by applying a colored moisturizer, or a base cream that matches the skin tone in the center of the face, then using a copper bronzer on the forehead and the contour of the face and working to mix and match the degree of the center of the face, the degree of the forehead and the circumference of the face.
  • The second method: It is using a foundation cream that falls between the degree of lighter areas and darker areas, and it is applied to all parts of the face.


Deep shades of lipstick are the colors that suit brown skin, as light flesh colors, and very lukewarm or shiny lipstick does not suit brown skin, so you can choose shades of brown, orange, apricot, or medium apricot, or Deep red, beige, coffee, chocolate, soft pink, raspberry, and burgundy. 

eye makeup

Dark purple tones look beautiful on brown skin; Because the eye color is mostly dark brown or hazel, and the most beautiful colors are golden and bronze shades. Bright colors should be avoided, and light shades should be chosen such as pink, brown, and gray, which are complemented with mascara, and blue, green, burgundy, peach, and copper shades can be chosen. 

Red cheeks

Dark shades of any color give brown skin more compliments, and shades of dark apricot, bronze, deep orange, pink, and gold can be used. 

Nail polish

Nail polish should complement the skin color, taking into account the occasion and clothing, keep the nails clean and trim them at regular intervals, and for brown skin, pastel colors and light colors should be avoided, as for what suits the brown skin, it is: 

  • Red color.
  • Violet.
  • Light orange color.