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Don't forget your skin before bed

 Drinking water

Some believe that drinking water before bed is not desirable; Because it disturbs human sleep, but this is not true, as drinking water before bed helps to get rid of toxins in the body, in addition to the hydration that it gives to the body and skin, and keeps the body and skin from drying out.

Don't forget your skin before bed

Clean the skin before bed

Cleaning the skin is essential in maintaining it, but some women neglect cleaning the skin before bed due to the severity of the stress they feel, but in fact, cleaning the skin before bed and washing the face helps to get rid of bacteria and oils that the skin has been exposed to during the day, which may cause spots If the face is not washed, not to mention that washing the face activates the work of cells that regenerate during sleep, and adds hydration to the skin, and delays wrinkles. 

Exposing the skin to steam

Exposing the skin to steam by taking a hot bath for a few minutes is useful in lightening the pores of the skin, which facilitates the process of cleaning it, and ridding it of bacteria, oils, dirt, and sweat accumulated on it during the day. It is worth mentioning here that it is not permissible to expose the skin directly to steam by placing the face in front of it, but it Either by taking a hot bath, the skin is automatically exposed to steam, or by placing a towel in hot water, and then patting the skin gently to open the pores, and get rid of dirt. 

Hydration and sleep on the back

The skin must be moisturized before bed using moisturizers that increase the vitality of the skin, especially after washing and exfoliating the face, not to mention that applying moisturizer before bed reduces the redness that the face may be exposed to as a result of dehydration or peeling, and tightens the pores of the face, and in order to preserve the skin, it is preferable to sleep on the back As sleeping on the stomach or placing the face on the pillow directly leaves marks on the face in the morning and presses the face in a way that allows the increase of wrinkles, and the appearance of fine lines in the face and skin.